***under construction for FFXIV redirect*** Profit LS started in FFXI in 2010 and quickly rose to the #1 LS slot in FFXI. We are now moving onto Sargatanas server in FFXIV. We are based on the principal that no one is above another. We are an easy going shell full of established people with careers and families. We only seek versatile players that enjoy playing Final Fantasy; not the douches that turn it into something it's not. When it's needed in the future, gil is our DKP system and you get paid for not only what you put into our LS but what you put into the game. Ventrilo is a requirement to join us. We firmly believe that people that communicate verbally treat each other with more respect than those that simply OMFGWTFBBQ type on their screen.

Examples explain how we work the best so here is one.

XYZ Event:

10 members participate
14 items drop
*members bid on those items with gil (our dkp system) for a total of 3,000,000 gils*
End of run 3,000,000 gil is split by those 10 members and everyone receives 300,000 gil to be used however they want. We use this system so it's fair and the member can use their earnings not just for events but for anything they want. If you can not see the value in this then slowly back away from your application now.
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